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Breaking cycles, making changes!

Hi, I'm Ronda! I am a certified life coach and grad student therapist. My goal is to help men and women become the example “the little you” needed. To do that, I focus on breaking cycles, Innerchild work, and wellness healing.

I declared at 13 years old that the cycle ended with me. Even though I was young, I meant it. At 19 years old I realized had to do more than just declare it, I had to be intentional. There after, I put the work to heal from my trauma, confront my unconscious cycles, renew my mind, build my self-esteem, take control of my health, and invest in my financial literacy.


I'm here to tell you that if it is your desire to break from the childhood conditions, YOU CAN! I provide services and products to support you on your journey.

Talk and Tea Women's Circle

Join me each month for Talk and Tea! This is an intimate group coaching session to provide, support, encouragement, and community for women healing and breaking cycles!

Next Talk & Tea, May 22nd @10AM EST

Topic: Depression and Isolation

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Are you ready to break cycles and heal the little you?

Then you must renew your mind!


Until you consciously reprogram childhood conditioning, you will continue to repeat the behaviors and beliefs picked up from childhood and growing years.

This e-workbook will support you on your journey to identify, process, AND reprogram the limiting, negative beliefs from childhood affecting your adult life.