Breaking cycles, making changes
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Hi, I'm Ronda! I am the founder of The Little You. I am a Grad Student Therapist practicing clinical mental health therapy under supervision with a focus in parental hurt, family systems, Innerchild healing, and attachment wounds. I am also a 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher and certified Life Coach. My goal is to help men and women become the example “the little you” needed - to break the cycle of limiting generational beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. To do that, I've combined my personal healing journey and my professional experience to create The Little You.

The Little You, LLC is a platform dedicated to helping adults create healthy generational cycles by ‘becoming the example the little you needed’ through reparenting, innerchild work, mind renewal, wellbeing, and mental health. To finally heal from old wounds, transform your life, and break the cycle!


I'm here to tell you that if it is your desire to break free from limiting childhood conditions, YOU CAN! If it is your desire to create generational wealth, health, love and freedom, YOU CAN! I provide services and resources to support you on your journey to creating healthy cycles on ALL levels.


Check them out below!

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Ready To Renew

A digital workbook for cycle breakers to identify, process, and reprogram generational beliefs.

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Reparenting Journal

A digital 21-day healing journal to reparent yourself and nurture the little you.

Join me for yoga!

This beginner friendly yoga class is perfect for those needing balance, ease, and stress relief. This class focuses on releasing mental and physical tension, and cultivating relaxation through gentle body movements and deep breathing.

Every Saturday at 10am EST via Zoom.

Yoga Mat
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Health is wealth

Grab your supplements TODAY!

I've partnered with Total Life Changes to bring you all the supplements you need to fuel your body and align with generational health!


I love that TLC products contain natural ingredient blends of minerals, vitamins, herbs, phytonutrients, whole food greens, and amino acids. 

My favorite products give me energy and focus (NRG), keep my gut healthy (Iaso Detox Tea) and my immune system up (Nutraburst)! Items are shown in the photo. Check them out!