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  • Bring your favorite tea, a journal, and an open heart!


    45 min

  • Loving Kindness Meditation for Innerchild healing.


    45 min

Talk & Tea Testimonials

"My experience with Talk & Tea was amazing. I felt welcome and I felt like I was in a safe environment. I loved how the circle started with the breathing exercises...making sure we were calm and present. I received tools I found valuable and tools I could use on my healing journey. I learned some very good tips. I was able to express myself without feeling judged and I enjoyed listening to the other ladies conversation and thoughts as well. I realize I wasn't alone in some of the ways I perceived things or some of things I had been experiencing. Our session ended with words of encouragement and peace."

"Talk & Tea Women's Circle was a beautiful experience! I am truly grateful that Coach Ronda allowed us to come together as women & share our life experiences & heal together. The insight Coach Ronda gave us honestly helped me intellectually & emotionally. I was also able to share some notes with a couple of my friends who were not able to make it & they too the notes as a true eye-opener. I am looking forward to attending many more 'Talk & Tea Women's Circle event!"