Using the Law of Attraction to Identify Childhood Wounds

First, if your childhood experiences are too difficult for you to process alone, then don't. Seek a professional counselor. And remember, trauma is relative. What may not be traumatic for one may have been life altering for another. Do what is best for YOU. Always.

So, exactly how does the law of attraction help us identify unresolved childhood issues?

The Universal law, law of attraction, states that like attracts like and you will draw unto you which you are liken. That means, your current reality (relationships, finances, circumstances, events, etc.) is an outward reflection of your inner vibration - your energy.

You are seeing it because you are being it.

I know the first thought popping in your mind is,

"No way! I would never attract to me this toxic relationship or this dead end job! I'm not 'being' any of this!"

Yes, consciously you are not attracting these circumstances but subconsciously (the 'hidden' and more powerful mental space), you are.

Understand that on some level, you have to be a vibrational match to your current reality in order to manifest it. Otherwise, it would not be in your experience. You can not think broke and be rich. Just as you can not think rich and attract poverty. You will not sow seeds of one sort and reap a harvest of another. You will reap seeds in exact accordance to your sowing.

And, we understand that childhood is a sowing ground. That during childhood and growing years, seeds are sown by the adults, environment, peers, events, circumstances and society around us and then watered through life experiences. It isn't until we reach adulthood that we see the full manifestation of those seeds.

That means, if we do not heal from our childhood wounds and continue to hold the vibration of pain, we will keep attracting experiences that resonate with that pain!

Let's take relationships for an example. Let's say you keep experiencing the same type of relationships. Different face, same problems. You keep attracting it because you are a vibrational match.

For me, I could not figure out for the LIFE of me why I kept attracting and entertaining emotionally unavailable men! Until God revealed to me that I was recreating the same relationship I had with my father in my dating relationships.

I did not realize I had subconsciously carried a broken daddy-daughter relationship into my love life and expected men to treat me the same way my father did. Simply put, I kept manifesting the pain.

Whew. That took quite some time for me to accept. After understanding this, I began to learn all the ways I participated in this narrative, like dating men who had just got out of relationships or were in some way broken. Aka, emotionally unavailable.

I internalized the relationship with my father (as children do) and never fully healed from it. Because of that, I kept attracting the pain. Understand that law of attraction brings to you what you predominately focus on. Good or bad.

But, life is so good. :)

When we take a step back to use the law of attraction to our advantage and (1) authentically acknowledge our childhood experiences as we see them (not how somebody told us to feel), (2) identify the subconscious beliefs gathered from childhood that currently hinders us, (3) acknowledge how we are recreating those experiences as adults, and (4) decide and set clear intentions on the experiences we DO wish to have, then we can make a change. Then we will see a change.

You can apply this process to not only relationships but money, health, friendships, circumstances, jobs, life. You can apply the law of attraction to manifest a new story!!!


When the same ole' experiences come back around (because they will), use it as an opportunity to choose a different response that aligns with your new intention. Align with your healing. Think to yourself, "No. Not this time." And don't expect yourself to 'get it all right' the first time either. You have to PRACTICE the new response over and over again to break the subconscious belief. You have to give yourself time! That's the beauty in karma. Life will bring back to you what you need to learn over and over again until you evolve.

Karma is a gift that helps us get it right the next time.

Meditate. Pray. Read books and blogs on your specific unresolved issue so you can better understand it. Grace yourself in the process. What life presents to you is revealing to you where you need to heal. Just take it one day at a time and you will manifest a new experience.

With lots of healing love!


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