Ready To Renew

Ready To Renew


During childhood, our minds were conditioned through the examples (parents, family members, adults, etc) around us. Their words, actions, and behaviors were absored by the subconscious mind and became our core beliefs.


The problem is, not everything we absorbed was beneficial. Some beliefs hinder us, stops us from living a fulfilling life, and creates blocks on our healing journey. 


Until we make a conscious decision to reprogram those beliefs, we will continue to repeat the cycle.


In this e-workbook guide, I provide practical steps to reprogram the subconscious beliefs standing in your way. This e-book includes,


  • What is the subconscious mind, what is reprogramming and how it's connected to your healing journey
  • 10 techniques to access and reprogram the subconscious mind (core belief system)
  • 32 reflection questions and journal prompts to processes the root of your beliefs
  • 40+ powerful affirmations to reprogram your mind in:
    • self-acceptance
    •  money and abundance
    • wellbeing
    • achievement
    • relationships
    • faith and hope
  • Processes to identify your core belief themes


The beliefs rooted in your childhood that are hindering you as an adult have no more room in your life. It's time to replace them. It's time to create a new you. It's time to get #readytorenew